Rent a car - Kamen Cars - No1 Фирма за отдаване на коли под наем.


Requirements for Clients:


1. Recruitment rules:

1.1 If the client wishes to book a car beforehand, the same may only be activated against a deposit.

1.2 Tenants must be of full age, have regular personal papers and a driving license. Only persons registered and authorized by the lease agreement are entitled to manage the rented car

1.3 The rental price of the car shall be paid in advance, together with a deposit determined by the type of the chosen car and its place of use (Bulgaria or abroad)

1.4 Every rental car is subject to photographic material and preparation of an individual pass-through protocol immediately prior to the hire by the customer.


2.Rentage and return:
- Автомобилите се наемат и връщат в офиса на фирма "Камен - Карс" ООД.
- По предварителна заявка на клиента автомобилите могат да бъдат доставени и върнати във всяка точка на страната.(Заплаща се предварително,еднократна такса  за услугата).

3.Payment method:
- The full rental price of the car is paid at the time of signing the contract (by deducting the deposit if any).
- Possibility to pay the rental price in cash or a post-terminal.
- The price for the deposit (the additional guarantee) is paid in cash. When the customer returns the vehicle in the state he has rented, the deposit (additional guarantee) is refunded in full.

4.Hiring abroad:
- Our customers can go out of the country with their car. In this case, the company must be notified and an additional annex signed between Kamen - Cars Ltd. and the client, and it is necessary to pay the deposit (additional guarantee) in a triple size.
- Kamen - Cars Ltd. produces all necessary documents for the client 's ability to leave the country with the company' s car.


5.Vehicle rental agreement:
- Below you can learn about our contract by clicking on the download arrow.